What makes sportswear brands care about the environment?

Picture Organic sells corn helmets.Patagonia fixes clothes and creates daring advertising campaigns.Billabong and Quicksilver recycle plastic and old skateboards. In the modern world, concern for the environment has turned from a human initiative into a positive trend. Now the barista in the coffee shop will look at you with a smile and approval if you ask to pour a drink into the reusable glass you brought with you. And friends will probably want to know where you bought these trainers if you say they are made from recycled plastic. Big sports brands also try to be as green as possible and come up with various initiatives. Why do sports brands care about the environment? They do this for the same reason every person does: because it matters. Negative changes have been observed on our planet for several years: the water in the seas and oceans becomes dirtier, animals die because fragments of plastic cans enter their stomachs, the climate changes due to emissions into the atmosphere and leads to natural disasters. All this happens due to the fact that people exploit the resources of our planet for the sake of production and forget that without a stable and clean environment, we are unlikely to survive. Therefore, sports (and not only) companies are trying to move away from the once toxic production. After all, as they say, if you want to change the world — start with yourself. The simplest thing one person can do to help the environment is to abandon the use of plastic trinkets in favor of reusable items. After all, it is this material that decomposes with great difficulty and negatively affects the earth’s surface, waterways and air. Big brands, in turn, are looking to recycle existing waste, thereby preventing plastic pollution, and move on to create biodegradable products. Here are just a few examples of how they do it: Picture Organic sells corn helmets The French brand was created by three friends who were united by a love of snowboarding and a responsible attitude to nature. The guys began to make clothes that are 100% organic, recycled materials and production waste. Picture Organic have released the first ever snowboard helmet made from sustainable materials. Its shell is made of polylactide based on ordinary corn. And the headgear lining is nothing more than recycled car dashboards. Don’t worry, this gear protects the riders’ heads just as well as any other. Patagonia fixes clothes and creates daring advertising campaigns The eco-friendly outdoor clothing brand has been selling items made from plastic bottles and recyclable materials since the 90s. They recently developed a wetsuit made from plants. The main focus of Patagonia production is on clothing recycling. Despite the fact that any brand wants to increase sales, this company does its best to ensure that customers wear their product for as long as possible and repair it rather than buying a new one. On the Worn Wear website, users can get an answer to any question about clothing repair from the American brand. Sometimes Patagonia resorts to creative solutions to get people’s attention. For example, on Black Friday 2011, the brand ran an ad on the pages of The New York Times with the words “Don’t buy this jacket.” The concern promised the newspaper readers to restore their old products and urged not to buy unnecessary things even during discounts. Patagonia is also an environmental activist. The company’s website has a section in which any user will find information of interest to them about environmental projects in which they can take part. Billabong and Quiksilver recycle plastic and old skateboards Environmental initiatives have come to surfing through the efforts of Billabong. In 2007, the brand was the first to recycle plastic bottles from the ocean to create rider shorts. The company now guarantees that all new models for water sports are made of PET containers. The friendly company Quiksilver decided to keep up and in 2013 presented to the public a collaboration with the Spanish brand Vuerich. They used old, unwanted skateboards to hand-make the limited edition “The Griffin” sunglasses out of them. Today, Quiksilver has partnered with Repreve to create sustainable products. Apparently, the industry is changing. More and more brands are placing significant emphasis on sustainability. The sustainable innovations are considered today more than ever before by brands in order to create more value and ultimately a better consumers-brands relationships.
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